Palux Top Line Kettle 80 Litres

  • Energy-saving method without giving out extra heat and moisture into the air thanks to the closed Permapress heating system,
  • gentle cooking without burning due to optimum temperature within the kettle (110 °C),
  • no over-cooking, no unwanted high-temperature cooking due to precise electronic temperature control, exact up to +1 °C,
  • simple and uncomplicated to use using the foil switches,
  • optimum cooking results due to automated temperature-controlled starting and main cooking phases,
  • energy-saving with greatest user comfort due to automatic cooking process (temperature, cooking time, programmable pre-selection time),
  • extremely easy to clean: entirely made of CNS,
  • better atmosphere due to less heat radiation,
  • safe operation: food extracted using tap at the front, safety device, cover overflow with beaded edge,
  • water supply with integrated tap,
  • easy to handle and low heat radiation due to balanced, double walled insulated cover with handle.
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  • Order number:880980
  • Dimensions (L x D x H) mm:800 x 800 x 750
  • Total connected load kW:18,6
  • Voltage V/Hz:400 V 3 N 50/60 Hz
  • Direct heat mission kW:0,65
  • Latent heat mission kW:3,72
  • Steam emission kg/h:5,47
  • Nominal capacity litres:80,0
  • Useful capacity litres:93,0 at 4 cm cooking margin
  • Internal kettle mm:584 x 410
  • Water supply:CW/WW 3/4″


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