Palux Pressure Steamer

Steam quickly and gently!

Palux pressure steamers offer multiple application possibilities for steaming, blanching, pasteurising, regenerating and slow cooking.

The compact and powerful table top unit occupies the minimum of space yet the large cooking compartment takes 3 X GN 1/1 trays.


Various applications

  • Healthy steaming – cooking time reduction due to the combination of steam and pressure, prevention of losing vitamins, mineral nutrients, aroma, look, shape and colours.
  • Gentle blanching of food – quick and uncomplicated.
  • Precise poaching – due to accurate temperature setting.
  • Easy to regenerate.
  • Perfect pasteurising – due to motionless steam climate excellent suited for cooking Sous Vide.
  • Safe long time cooking – during your absence you can simply cook overnight.

Plus-points in detail

  • Compact and highly productive tabletop unit with large cooking chamber for 3x GN 1/1 -65 mm, up to 400 portions vegetables per hour.
  • Integrated steam generator as live steam-system for a short heating up time and fast steam disposition.
  • “AQA – Automatic quantity adjustment” for automatic adjustment to the food quantity.
  • Integrated heat exchanging system using exhaust and condensate.
  • Programmable – easy operation of control panel for reliable and precise work conditions.
  • Core temperature sensor – for perfect cooking results, core temperature of cooked food is displayed at any time.
  • Enduring – integrated water softener with adjustment to the degree of hardness preserves the appliance and increase the durability.
  • Integrated exhaust destruction.
  • Optimized – due to cooking under pressure an essential augmentation of speed and productivity will be achieved.
  • Easy cleaning and saving in time due to smooth surface and radius construction inside.


Palux Pressure Steamer Brochure

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