PALUX Topline Vario Cooker

GN 1/1

Boiling, Slow-Cooking, Braising, Keeping warm

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  • Ideal for pasta dishes, dumplings, meat, fish, frying, soups, sauces, vegetables, side-dishes, fried potatoes, basic broths, fried products, etc.
  • Can be heated wet or dry for different ways of preparing food,
  • safe and durable due to integrated operation and safety thermostat in the flat tube heating element, Vario Cooker GN 1/1 Base unit: open cupboard for GN-containers,
  • optimum energy transmission and temperature control as well as easy to use and clean due to CNS swivelling flat tube heating elements in the pan,
  • easy to pour hot liquids in and out due to the lockable spherical security outlet to the front,
  • optimum safety for appliance and user due to electrical limit switch when swivelling the heating element,
  • extremely easy to clean: seamlessly deep-drawn corrosion-resistant pan with radial construction,
  • protection against overflowing or running in due to the beaded surrounding edge,
  • ergonomic and clear: operating panel with non-slip knobs and clear symbols.
  • variable base unit system with various possibilities for use.


  • Mounted heating element
  • Water supply
  • Fixed drainage


Palux Topline spec


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