Innovative, patented vacuum technology!

PALUX GreenVAC is the unique system solution when preparing and processing food without using bags.
It is the perfect system to vacuum directly in gastronorm containers. Pressure sensitive products, e.g. berries, salad or mushrooms can also be vacuumed without product deformation.

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Benefits for your business:

  • Ensures more freshness, hygiene and safety.
  • Numerous applications – in preparation, processing and storage.
  • Guarantees longer storage periods – repeatedly vacuuming food at the same quality. Hereby you make an active contribution to reducing food waste!
  • Easy, clearly arranged and space-saving storage – based on gastronorm dimensions, available in different sizes, this allows you to maintain a better overview.
  • Perfect for modern cooking methods, e.g. Cook & Chill.
  • Easy handling – reusable storage, production and transport container system.
  • Sustainability – save up to 65% vacuum bags.
  • Economic efficiency – systematic utilization guarantees amortization within 8-12 months.

PALUX GreenVAC – the intelligent vacuum system!


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