Here you can find a small overview of our Ovens available.
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  • Steam quickly and gently! Palux pressure steamers offer multiple application possibilities for steaming, blanching, pasteurising, regenerating and slow cooking. The compact and powerful table top unit occupies the minimum of space yet the large cooking compartment takes 3 X GN 1/1 trays.
  •  All of our experience incorporated into a high-performance, intuitive multi functional device. For decades, PALUX Combi-Steamers have been counted among the most versatile appliances in gastronomy. The new PALUX Touch ‘n’ Steam generation of advanced Combi-Steamers expands this proven concept of quality.
  • 20 2/1 GN grids, EasySteamPlus Combi oven, gas, with high resolution touch screen control, 3 cooking modes (automatic, recipe program, manual) programmable, Lambda sensor for real humidity control and automatic cleaning system functions


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