Mibrasa HMB AB

The Mibrasa HMB AB is the basic stand-alone Mibrasa charcoal oven, featuring a spacious one-shelf storage cupboard underneath the oven, perfect for cooking utensils and other items.

As standard with all Mirbasa ovens except the HMB Mini, it is available in three different sizes, with a maximum capacity of 160 diners.

Dimensions are similar to worktop ovens in terms of width (700 to 920mm) and slightly more slender in terms of depth (640 to 840mm). The addition of the cupboard means that overall height rises to between 1660 and 1710mm.

Cooking temperature is reached in between 25 and 35 minutes depending upon size, with typical charcoal consumption ranging from 29lbs to 45lbs per day.


Benefits of the Mibrasa HMB AB include

  • Supreme temperature control – from 250° to 350°C (482° to 662°F)
  • Accurate air flow control, cutting down the amount of charcoal needed
  • Delivers all the great food flavour with the authentic taste of barbecue cooking



Mibrasa HMB Technical Specifications


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