A pre-engineered product range to cover the needs of the whole servery counter market!

Counterline products range covers practically all your display needs and that includes:


Below you can find a few examples of product ranges available with handful product example galleries and short description, to give you some flavor!

It was a major challenge, but Counterline’s original display range first introduced in 1998 got improved.

The traditionally styled idesign integrale range features satin and brightly polished stainless steel with multi layered chromium plating and curved toughened glass.

The attractive styling is sure to catch the eye of today’s interior designer, while the specification ensures that integrale offers exceptional value for money.


The idesign Manhattan range of displays lives up to its name.

With its uncompromisingly art deco inspired rectilinear design elements, the range echoes the famous Manhattan skyline. The combination of satin and brightly polished stainless steel with the finely polished edges of bonded 10mm flat glass give the unit a timeless elegance based on simplicity and purity of design.

Manhattan maintains the long-held idesign tradition of fitness for purpose and reliability, but also appeals to the interior designer by offering a more exclusive aesthetic solution.

The idesign Da Vinci is a work of art in itself.

Beautifully sculpted, superbly engineered, it combines satin and brightly polished stainless steel, and also features multi layer chromium plating, finely polished curved glass edges and subtly textured epoxy paint. The glass curvature is also reflected in Da Vinci’s gently arcing supports and elliptical lighting duct.

The result is a drop-in display range that gives you the best of both worlds. Stylish good looks designed to appeal to the eye of the interior designer, together with an unbeatable performance.

Looking for a range food display units that’s sure to catch the eye? Set your sights on Vision.

A revolutionary range of free-standing and drop-in heated, chilled and ambient food displays. All Vision units follow the same attractive profile, which means that any mix of units can be combined together to form a continuous counter run.

Units are designed to stand alone with decorative fascia finishes or can be positioned behind a shop fitted fascia or dropped into a counter. Vision lets you present most types of food perfectly while maintaining the correct temperature. Combine this with low running costs and Vision is ideal for restaurants, high street cafés, coffee shops and convenience stores.

This new exclusive range of attractively styled free-standing hot and cold food merchandisers enables you to present both heated and chilled food together in matching displays to give a complete meal offer.

New experience offers four levels of display, maximising product merchandising in the minimum footprint.

Available with point of sale branding and pricing strips and engineered to keep running costs to a minimum, the experience range is ideal for ‘grab and go’ convenience and retail outlets, as well as for high street or convenience store takeaways and on-site catering.


In recent years, Counterline transformed the food display market with its revolutionary idesign displays – drop-in product ranges based on pre-engineered units, but incorporating the ability to customise to specific customer requirements. Now, Counterline is extending this same hugely successful principle to the counter market itself, with four ranges of base units that cover the needs of the economy counter up to meeting the most demanding consultant led specifications – and provide platforms to accept basic or the most imaginative of finishes.

The system has now been further developed to allow the design and construction of a counter that superficially appears to be totally bespoke, but is actually constructed from a range of pre-engineered standard modules. These modules are designed to accept our idesign range of drop in display units. Typically 30/40% of the total counter sales value will be standard drop in displays.

The counter finishes are selected from standard ranges but in combination they allow a wide range of aesthetic effects to be created enabling the counters to blend into any environment. The original construction system has been value engineered to reduce cost and at the same time to give it a broader appeal in the marketplace by offering a wider range of the units. The simplicity of the concept allows the customer (usually a kitchen contractor) to buy the counter “delivered only” and to carry out the project management and installation himself.


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