Coreco Line 9 Pastry

  • Interior and exterior finish in plastic coated steel
  • Display area and counter in stainless steel AISI-304
  • Plan of exposure for GN trays, maximum depth 65 mm (trays not included)
  • Two versions of sides available in ABS injected, 40 mm thick
  • Anodised aluminium profiles
  • Front rubber bumper
  • Toughened curved glass hinges forward, three versions available
  • Standard lighting: top worktop and shelf
  • 40 Kg/m³ density polyurethane insulation, low GWP and zero ODP effect
  • Dry heating system
  • Heated under storage with doors 440x270free
  • Resistance silicone adhesive below the plane of exposure
  • Electronic temperature controller
  • External thermometer
  • Working temperature +55°C +70°C
  • Version flat bottom at the same price.
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