Palux ProfiLine: The modular high capacity range of heavy duty equipment designed for all catering operations and institutions.

Palux Bristoline: Powerful individual appliances that are versatile, mobile and can be combined in various ways to produce entire systems, according to size and type of operation.

Palux Bristoline Plus: This range offers the same performance and units in the Palux Bristoline Range but it incorporates them into a seamless worktop as ‘drop-in’ units.

Palux Functionline: A modular product line with individual components assembled in various combinations. Variable assembly combinations provide the most functional systems, most suited to their environment.

Palux Maitre: The unique and functional solution for the highest quality, custom-made and seamless cooking systems. It offers an upper limit of functionality through individually tailor-made solutions.

Palux Topline: Features a range of appliances with multifunctional capability which can replace a number of existing units and , in so doing, free-up valuable space in your kitchen. The range is tailor-made to create individual solutions for every size and type of operation.

  • PALUX ProfiLine, the new heavy-duty line of equipment designed for all catering operations and institutions who require high volume production. Powerful performance guaranteed – either gas or electric operated.
  • The PALUX BistroLine is a modular product line whose components can be varied and flexibly combined up to complete systems, depending on requirements, size and type of operation. Compact dimensions, maximum functionality, a multiplicity of use and many practical details make the new thermal PALUX BistroLine the ideal solution for all operations, where maximum performance is required in a confined space: in bistros, small to medium sized restaurants, in tourist catering and as optional equipment in any other establishment.
  • PALUX BistroLine Plus means: maximum output in minimum space! All heating components can be flexibly incorporated as drop-in modules into a continuous work surface. In this way, different, individual, customised solutions for complete professional kitchens can be created as action lines for front cooking or even as mobile cooking stations, according to the need and gastronomical concept.
  • The PALUX FunctionLine is a modular product line, where individual components can be variously combined according to type of business, size and requirements. Thanks to maximum functionality and diversity of application, with compact dimensions and many practical details, the new thermal line is ideal in all areas of
    • conventional catering,
    • hotel catering,
    • system gastronomy,
    • in community and social catering
  • PALUX Maître is the individual, tailor-made solution when thinking about the centerpiece of your kitchen. An appealing and innovative design, highest ease of use, ergonomics and perfect hygiene as well as a high quality and solid workmanship, perfectly finished to satisfy all demands. A wide range of modular base cabinets complete the product series. PALUX Maître – The champion in its class!
  • The design and functionality of the PALUX Topline components comply with the latest knowledge with regard to engineering, ergonomics, hygiene and organisation.
    • Energy-saving techniques, such as induction hobs, insulation and the low-heat radiation from the highly polished surfaces ensure a pleasant working climate in the kitchen,
    • all units have extremely short heating-up times so that they are quickly ready for use and can also be connected to an energy optimisation system,
    • all units are manufactured from high-quality, long-life chromium nickel steel and are designed to be space saving,
    • the units are mounted on bases with many different fitting options on feet or plinths,
    • the standard modern design also makes the kitchen a visually attractive workplace