Alto-Shaam 500-2D Halo Heat Double Warming Drawers

Alto-Shaam Drawer Warmers can fit anywhere you need production items held hot and within reach. As one of the most abused pieces of equipment in the kitchen, these units are overbuilt, reflecting the highest level of durability.

  • Capacity – 36 pounds (16 kilograms) per drawer with full-size GN 1/1 pan, 41 pounds (19 kilograms) per drawer with optional oversize pan.
  • Flexible configurations – Multiple drawer units can be stacked, allowing a variety of installation choices.
  • Soft, gentle Halo Heat® – Alto-Shaam Drawer Warmers use the same soft, gentle Halo Heat that made the Alto-Shaam Cook & Hold oven a kitchen staple all over the world. Product moisture is retained without adding water. With no exposed Calrod heating elements, cleaning is easy.
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Features & Benefits

  • Food Quality
    Gentle radiant Halo Heat provides a static holding environment for food, with no harsh heating elements, forced air or added humidity, resulting in maximized food quality and moisture retention over a longer period of time.
  • Streamlined Staging
    Streamlined hot food staging made easy, regardless of kitchen production and plating, to front of the house service stations. Heated Drawer Warmers provide solutions designed to streamline the food production process.
  • Maximum Flexibility
    Whether placed on a counter, or built into fabrication, the Drawer Warmer maintains consistent food quality and temperature where you need it.



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