• The solutions A very wide range of built-in elements, with focus on the smallest details, designed to be used on load-bearing structures which you provide, based on your needs for functionality, appearance and visibility of the displayed products.  
  • The flexibility A series of heated, refrigerated and neutral modular elements mounted on wheels that can easily be placed side-by-side. They can be positioned individually as islands or joined in line. The convenience of joining or separating the various modules lets you use Self 700 in all cases in which it is necessary to frequently change the distribution of the elements, for example in airports, train stations, highway dining facilities, etc.  
  •  SELF 800 is composed of a series of especially spacious self-supporting structure modules. All of the elements are designed to be easily joined in line. This lets you create self-service systems suitable for quick distribution of meals to a large number of diners (for example in dining facilities in companies, schools, military facilities, etc.).  
  • The elegance A complete line of tops, wells, covers and display cases of the finest design for the display and distribution of foods, such as for breakfast or for a buffet.  
  • Innovative, patented vacuum technology!

    PALUX GreenVAC is the unique system solution when preparing and processing food without using bags. It is the perfect system to vacuum directly in gastronorm containers. Pressure sensitive products, e.g. berries, salad or mushrooms can also be vacuumed without product deformation.