O’Gorman’s pub have embraced the use of smart catering equipment and ergonomic kitchen design to reduce costs while improving the productivity of their kitchen staff.

CIA Ireland redesigned their kitchen to maximise efficiency and supplied and installed all of the new energy efficient catering equipment which has led to great savings in energy consumption and maximising the output of the catering staff.

But don’t take our word for it, here’s what O’Gorman’s say themselves…

After 10 years in the catering industry, we had had enough of using inferior catering equipment. We engaged Catering Innovation Agency Ireland to redesign, supply and install a new kitchen. They arranged a temporary kitchen and food offering for the couple of days while they were remodelling our kitchen. They designed and implemented a kitchen which has saved us over €400 a month in electricity bills and has all but eliminated our gas bill. In addition our kitchen is now cooler and our catering staff have a far superior kitchen to work in. We also implemented a Palux pressure steamer which guarantees freshly cooked vegetables almost instantaneously which prevents food wastage and provides our clients with freshly cooked veg on demand.
I would recommend CIA Ireland to any catering professional who wishes to streamline their operation and reduce costs.

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