PALUX Topline Pasta Cooker

GN 1/1 with 4 automatic lifting baskets

The practical PALUX Pasta Cooker is the optimal equipment for you concerning variety in application, functionality, speed control and using comfort.


Plus points at a glance:

  • Perfect for preparation of dishes and production in the à la carte business.
  • Pasta cooker with removable overflow pipe which is integrated in the basin to wash away the starch.
  • Heated in dry or wet mode for different application possibilities: like pasta, dumplings, meat, crustaceans, goulash, soups, vegetable etc.
  • Turning switch for regulation of temperature and power in 3 levelsfrom intensive cooking, soft simmering up to keeping warm (7,0 kW/4,6 kW/2,3 kW).
  • Manually adjustable water supply for filling to cook and clean, infeed tube swivelling.
  • Rear-attached, removable drip plate with grid for tipping the pasta baskets.
  • Controlled, permanent water supply during preparation of pasta for optimum ease of use.
  • Seamlessly deep-drawn, corrosion-resistant trough, in radius design for simple cleaning.
  • In-trough, swivelling, patented flat tubular heating element with integrated working and safety thermostat for short heating up time and optimum energy transmission.
  • Ball drain valve with the possibility to secure, water drain in basement backwards as fixed connection for effluents or to the bottom.


  • With 2 automatic lifting baskets


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