PALUX ProfiLine

PALUX ProfiLine, the new heavy-duty line of equipment designed for all catering operations and institutions who require high volume production. Powerful performance guaranteed – either gas or electric operated.


PALUX Advantages:

  • Assembly as line or block installation for modular systems.
  • Connection with u-shaped profiles for 50, 100 and 150 mm length.
  • Diversity of powerful thermal components, electrical or gas heated.
  • Easy and self-explaining handling via keypads or rotary switches.
  • Temperature, running-start time and programs separately adjustable via integrated keypad.
  • Open base cabinets in hygiene execution.
  • Surfaces of Bratt Pans made of special steel-sandwich construction for even distribution of heat.
  • Double-jacket Kettles: electric or gas operated, precise temperature control and energy-saving cooking.
  • Automatic Tilting Bratt Pans and Kettles.
  • Deep Fat Fryers with integrated keypad, digital displays, individual setting of time and temperature.

Product Portfolio:

Diversity of thermal components in electric or gas heated: Ranges – Solid top or Ceramic surfaces, Gas Ranges with open burners or solid tops, Ovens with size GN 2/1, Kettles, Tilting Pans, Vario Pans, Griddle Plates, Char Grill, Bain Maries, Vario Cookers, Pasta Cookers, Fryers, Infill tables and base cabinets.



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