Alto-Shaam AR-7E Electric Countertop Rotisserie

Rotisseries have a big customer draw because of their immense visual appeal. Featuring a combination of high velocity convection and radiant heating, the AR-7E electric countertop rotisserie provides a choice of single or dual-stage cooking to enhance cooking speed and product finish.


  • Capacity – Up to 28 chickens (3.5 pounds [1.6 kilograms])  on 7 V-skewers.
  • Cooks and holds – The controls automatically switch  to hold mode once the cooking cycle is completed, allowing the food to remain on display.
  • Stacking options – Stack the electric rotisserie oven over another rotisserie oven, Combitherm® oven or the companion AR-7H holding cabinet.
  • Efficient – The electric rotisserie uses only 37¢ of electricity to cook a load of chickens, using up to 30% less energy than competitive models.
  • High production – The combination of convection and radiant heat cooks food in half the time of competitive rotisseries, effectively doubling your cooking production at half the cost.
  • Ventless Hood option – A rotisserie with ventless hood (AR-7EVH) is available as a factory installed option.


Alto-Shaam AR-7E Electric Countertop Rotisserie specification link


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