• Energy-saving method without giving out extra heat and moisture into the air thanks to the closed Permapress heating system,
    • gentle cooking without burning due to optimum temperature within the kettle (110 °C),
    • no over-cooking, no unwanted high-temperature cooking due to precise electronic temperature control, exact up to +1 °C,
    • simple and uncomplicated to use using the foil switches,
    • optimum cooking results due to automated temperature-controlled starting and main cooking phases,
    • energy-saving with greatest user comfort due to automatic cooking process (temperature, cooking time, programmable pre-selection time),
    • extremely easy to clean: entirely made of CNS,
    • better atmosphere due to less heat radiation,
    • safe operation: food extracted using tap at the front, safety device, cover overflow with beaded edge,
    • water supply with integrated tap,
    • easy to handle and low heat radiation due to balanced, double walled insulated cover with handle.
  • Plus points at a glance:
    • Charcoal effect due to heavy duty lava stones.
    • Four different stainless steel grates suiting your requirements: Z-grate, round bar grate, slatted grate and V-grate.
    • 1 heating zone.
    • Manual temperature control, powerful burners with pilot flame, piezo ignition, and thermo electrical ignition safety device.
    • Drip tray GN 1/1 - 65 mm for each heating zone in the base cabinet.
    • Gas stop valve.
    • Hygiene base cabinet H2
  • GN 2/1

    For frying, steaming, poaching, braising and roasting of large quantities.
  • Easy preparation of individual customer demands. Perfect technology. The PALUX Salamander Vario Lift is the perfect appliance to prepare delicious food. Easy to operate – low energy consumption – easy to clean. Prepare everything in perfection and in a matter of minutes. The PALUX Salamander Variolift C and Plus models feature great design and mature technology.
  • The plus point for the small, refined kitchen. The practical Salamander Variolift C is the correct addition for your kitchen concerning functionality, speed control, comfort and design. PALUX Salamander available as
    • Salamander Variolift C with 2 heating zones – manual or automatic operation due to mechanical timer plus plate recognition.
    • Salamander Variolift C Plus with 2 heating zones – manual or automatic operation due to electronic timer from 0 – 20 minutes plus plate recognition. Operation via selector switch and panel buttons inclusive timer memory function. Automatic cut off with acoustic signal.
  • The design and functionality of the PALUX Topline components comply with the latest knowledge with regard to engineering, ergonomics, hygiene and organisation.
    • Energy-saving techniques, such as induction hobs, insulation and the low-heat radiation from the highly polished surfaces ensure a pleasant working climate in the kitchen,
    • all units have extremely short heating-up times so that they are quickly ready for use and can also be connected to an energy optimisation system,
    • all units are manufactured from high-quality, long-life chromium nickel steel and are designed to be space saving,
    • the units are mounted on bases with many different fitting options on feet or plinths,
    • the standard modern design also makes the kitchen a visually attractive workplace
  • GN 1/1 with 4 automatic lifting baskets

    The practical PALUX Pasta Cooker is the optimal equipment for you concerning variety in application, functionality, speed control and using comfort.
  • Drop-in unit with drain towards the front

  • GN 1/1

    Boiling, Slow-Cooking, Braising, Keeping warm

  •  All of our experience incorporated into a high-performance, intuitive multi functional device. For decades, PALUX Combi-Steamers have been counted among the most versatile appliances in gastronomy. The new PALUX Touch ‘n’ Steam generation of advanced Combi-Steamers expands this proven concept of quality.
  • - Additional Features Removable Air Filter Two ovens can be securely stacked one on top of another Self Diagnostic - 20 Programs to Include 2 and 3 Stages Programmed Option for x2 and x3 - Quantity Heating Program Lock Repeat Function (for manual heating only) - Clean Air Filter Reminder Cycle Counter Beep Tone Option
  • Model 35C+ Tube Fired Gas Fryer
    90,000 BTU Frying Area: 14" x 14" (35.6 cm x 35.6 cm)
  • Model 45C+ Tube Fired Gas Fryer
    122,000 BTU Frying Area: 14" x 14" (35.6 cm x 35.6 cm)
  • Roll-in blast chiller and freezer 180kg, 20GN 2/1, pre-arranged for remote cooling unit, insulated floor and ramp with USB
  • 20 2/1 GN grids, EasySteamPlus Combi oven, gas, with high resolution touch screen control, 3 cooking modes (automatic, recipe program, manual) programmable, Lambda sensor for real humidity control and automatic cleaning system functions
  • 7+7-lt electric fryer with 2 "V" shape wells (external heating elements) and 2 baskets - free standing
  • 23-lt electric fryer with 1 "V" shaped well (external heating elements) and 2 half size baskets, time and temperature electronic control - hp - free standing
  • 60-lt indirect electric boiling pan with pressure switch
  • 24,5-lt gas pasta cooker with 1 well